Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summary of CSR100 Method

Basic Concept

Trade Pullback With Current Trend; Means
  1. Never SELL at LOW
  2. Never BUY at HIGH.
Identify Support & Resistance Line (S+R Line)
  1. Support; at point which the market stopped going down and bounce.
  2. Resistance; at point which the market stopped going up and bounce
Market Control
  1. Buyers are in control as long as the market is making Higher Lows
  2. Seller are in control as long as the market is making Lower Highs.
Current Trend
  1. What is the best way to determine trend in ALL TF? by Using Price Action.
  2. Uptrend - Series of Higher Highs & Higher Lows.
  3. Downtrend - Series of Lower Highs & Lower Lows.
  4. Sideways - Neither (1) or (2)
  1. Breakouts - Apabila price berjaya menembusi S or R Line. Look at BODY of CANDLE. S or R Line need to cross the BODY of Breakout CANDLE & the breakout is confirmed; if we see new SWING HIGH or new SWING LOW after the BREAKS.
  2. Role Reversal; Simply means the role of S or R reverse; so SBR or RBS.
  3. SBR or RBS can be seen as single line or Zone.
3 Asas Trading RULE
  1. Trade with CURRENT TREND
  • Jika Trend Semasa Up - BUY aja.
  • Jika Trend Semasa Down - SELL aja.
  1. Buy at Support
  • We buy at RBS Line or Zone
  1. Sell at Resistance
  • We sell at SBR Line or Zone
Apa yang dimaksudkan dengan FENOMENA RBS or SBR

Fenomena ini berlaku apabila S+R Line bertukar Fungsi. Ini berlaku selepas significant BREAKOUT of S+R Line.

Fenomena SBR

Price berjaya BREAKS at SUPPORT LINE. We want to see; this support LINE CROSS THE BODY OF BREAKOUT CANDLE. Next; we want to see New Low Price & formed a New Swing Low. We want to see price bounce from this new support LINE (Bounce Candle) retrace back to previous Support Line (Recent Breakout Line). If price failed to BREAK; in other word; price bounce from this level - Line ini dinamakan SBR. Jika price menghampiri near this level; we only can see the zone. Inilah fenomena yang dinamakan SBR. SBR ini mungkin terbentuk dalam bentuk Line atau Zone.

Fenomena RBS - Reverse daripada concept diatas.

RULE untuk TRADE CSR 100

Rule One: Identify Trend Semasa on Bigger TF & Trade in direction of Trend Semasa

  1. Jika SBR/RBS berlaku di TF15M - Rujuk 1Hr TF untuk cari Trend Semasa
  2. Jika SBR/RBS berlaku di TF1Hr - Rujuk 4Hr TF untuk cari Trend Semasa
Rule two: Confirmation of Setup

Setup wujud hanya apabila SBR atau RBS wujud. We must wait until We See SBR/RBS Line or Zone.


Look at Price Action apabila price TEST SBR/RBS Line for Entry.

Initial Stop Loss

Few Pips from The SBR or RBS Line

First TP

At New Support or new Resistance Level.

Lets profit RUN on 2nd or 3rd Position.

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